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Los Angeles, 11/04/2019

Bardi Co. Announces the Launch of Bardi X, 
a New Platform that Reinvents Enterprise Valuation

Bardi Co. LLC (Bardi Co.), a transnational boutique investment bank, announces the launch of Bardi X, a platform meant to transform enterprise valuation. Using a proprietary algorithm, Bardi Co. will will be able to track privately held companies performance on a monthly basis, as if they were public.


Bardi X is set to deliver a powerful tool to both entrepreneurs and private equity funds, to help them understand how their companies’ value evolves based on market dynamics as well as industry and company specific developments.


“We are very excited to launch Bardi X. We believe it will make a difference in the marketplace as every company deserves to know its value,” stated Bardi Co.’s Managing Director, Chris Manfre, “we saw an amazing opportunity to disrupt the way private enterprises are being valued. Only 1% of U.S. companies are publicly traded, while the rest being private. These owners do not have readily available quotes of their stock, and that’s where Bardi X can really make a difference.”


Bardi Co. will host a Launch Event on November 6th, sponsored by Merrill Corporation, Glass.Emotion, Veroni Brands, and Qnext Corporation. For more information, please visit  


For more information on Bardi X, please visit  

Bardi Co. is a transnational boutique investment bank implementing the highest standard of quality, analytical rigor, and insight. Bardi Co. specializes in  transaction advisory services for middle market companies, and its financial professionals have a great wealth of experience gained by handling complex and strategic transactions in a variety of industries both domestically and around the world.

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