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Bardi Co. restores the European corporate finance tradition inherited from 'La Compagnia dei Bardi,'​ one of the first and most renowned merchant banks of the Renaissance, by providing the services that are distinguished for quality, sophistication and insight.



Bardi Co. is an transnational boutique investment bank implementing the highest standards of quality, analytical rigor, and insight. Bardi Co. differentiates itself from other advisory firms through technical sophistication, persistence, good judgment and a unique international cultural understanding. These strengths make Bardi Co. qualified to handle transactions that require the ability to work through complex corporate structures and difficult negotiations in order to achieve the desired outcome for its clients anywhere in the world.


The firm specializes in M&A advisory services, corporate finance and capital raises for middle market companies in various industries. 


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We Work Alongside +3,000 Institutional Investors

Bardi X is the enterprise valuation platform that allows you to monitor your company's value on a monthly basis. 


Using our proprietary algorithm, you will be able to track your business’ performance as if it was public, but at the same time, inclusive of a marketability discount to account for the company being privately held.

Bardi Capital Management.

Bardi Capital Management ("BCM") is Bardi's sister company. BCM is a transnational investment firm that has the objective of providing superior returns to its client. BCM’s investment team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals with decades of experience in assets management, investment banking and academic research.


September 23, 2021

Bardi Co. partners with Shuster Financial Group to host a live webinar panel on "How to Insure an Successful Exit." 

Bardi Co. LLC (BCo) partners with Shuster Financial Group to host a live webinar panel on "How to Insure a Successful Exit" to discuss tax strategies and insurance products to facilitate a successful M&A transaction...

Webinars & Events.

September 23rd, 2021 - 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Bardi Co. + Shuster Financial Group: How to Insure a Successful Exit

Bardi Co. partners with leading wealth management firm Shuster Financial Group to host a webinar panel on How to Insure a Successful Exit. The speakers covered the following topics:


  • The Tax strategies to Facilitate a Successful Transaction

  • Deferred Compensation and Escrow Substitution

  • Insurance Product use in M&A

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White Papers.


DoorDash: A Dashing Mispriced IPO 

Published Article

Capital Raises, Initial Coin Offerings, and Token Sales -
From Traditional Placements to Crypto Offerings  

Merger Arbitrage Case

NVIDIA & Mellanox:
NVIDIA to Double-Down in the Datacenter Business 

Merger Arbitrage Case

Disney & Fox:
The Red Wedding of Major Studios 
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+100 Assignments Worldwide Applying Best Practices to Maximize Value
$300 million
Buy-Side M&A
$90 million
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Impairment Testing
$2 Billion
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