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e n t e r p r i s e  v a l u a t i o n  r e i n v e n t e d
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Bardi X is the enterprise valuation platform that allows you to monitor your company's value on a monthly basis.

Using our proprietary algorithm, you will be able to track your business’ performance as if it was public, but at the same time, inclusive of a marketability discount to account for the company being privately held.


The algorithm is based on an income approach, a market approach, an asset approach, the use of financial derivatives, and econometric computations.


This helps you understand your value and how it evolves based on market and industry dynamics as well as company specific developments. For example, a change in interest rates will affect your company, as well as changes in industry trends can influence valuation metrics.

Reputation & Prestige.

Experts in measuring your success.

Our enterprise valuation team has led hundreds of valuations and has a combined experience of over 100 years in this industry. Regardless of the size of your company, the Bardi X team will tailor the assignment structure and reporting to meet your financial and strategic goals.

Key Features.

When it comes to business valuation, Bardi X professionals’ analytical rigor and industry knowledge play a significant role in providing the best results to you and your business.

option pricing

Value of the company is determined by option pricing models, where the value of a call option represents the equity value in the firm. 

asset approach

Value of the company is determined by fair market value of assets less liabilities. Common methods:

  • Asset Accumulation Method

  • Replacement Cost Method

MARKET approach

Value of the company based on historical sale of similar companies. The pricing multiples determines the relationship between revenue/profit and its future potential selling price. Common methods:

  • Venture Capital Method

  • Comparative Transaction Method

  • Guideline Publicly Traded Company Method

INCOME approach

Determine the business value based on its ability to generate economic benefits. Net cash flow is capitalized, discounted or multiplied to perform the valuation. It’s important to choose the proper capitalization rate, discount rate, and valuation multiples. Common methods:

  • Discounted Cash Flow Method

  • Capitalization of Earnings Method

  • Adjusted Present Value Method

How it works.

What happens once you sign up


You submit your financial statements and capitalization table


We review your operations, products and services and all the nitty gritty about your business


We prepare a Bardi Model Analysis® (Brand, Advantages, Results, Drive, Innovation) and identify your public guideline companies 


We crunch the numbers in our proprietary model and come up with sustainable financial projections 


We deliver your valuation report and from that point on you will be able to track your company’s performance on our client portal on a monthly basis 

Performance Tracker.

Bardi X allows you to measure your performance through its streamlined platform and technology.

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Through our integrated platform, you will be able to access monthly updates on your company’s performance and key market developments.

client portal

Anytime, anywhere secure access to your business valuation reports and overall performance. You will be able to track issues and projects that are already in progress, including selected file notes and documents, and request a task to be completed.

quarterly calls

Quarterly earnings calls are a routine for most public companies. We provide you with the same discipline and structure every quarter, discussing current performance and future expectations. 

monthly updates


We have helped hundreds of companies get to the next level. Using a lean and scalable platform, our pricing is optimized for both emerging and established firms.

The Bardi X subscription includes:

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